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HOLY ROLY was born in the Garden Route on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. It’s first product, an indigenous Herbal Rolling Mix, breathes its origins in the famous Fynbos, a natural heathland consisting of approximately 80% of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The creator of the blend, Martin Glinister, is a herbalist from the Wilderness along the Garden Route. Growing up intimate with the flora of his surroundings and learned in their functional properties, Martin embarked on a decade long process of exploration and refinement.

Today the original Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix is available to the broader public – perfected into a light experience with a gentle and subtle aroma. To be enjoyed on its own, as a substitute for tobacco, or paired with hemp flowers for a more grounded experience.

In collaboration with similar mission-driven laboratories in South Africa and abroad, HOLY ROLY continues to work on the development of functional plant-based products to enhance human health & well-being.

A word from our founders:

HOLY ROLY is, for us, both a lifestyle and an exploration into the rich world of plants, phytomedicines and living systems.

As human beings inhabiting a rich network of relationships we are endowed with a certain responsibility. We are all custodians, if you will. None of our products would exist without the living processes that support and give rise to their constituents.

For us, this responsibility means learning to recognise Quality as a processes which arises from the complex interaction of life itself, towards greater coherency, novelty and vitality. These kinds of framings are always partial, but they point to the kinds of principles that drive the development and maturation of Holy Roly.

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