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Holy Roly

ORIGINAL Rolling Mix

Your natural tobacco substitute.


Grown in the wild & harvested by hand.

Helichrysum, Buchu, Sceletium, Honeybush, Sage, Lion's Tale

ABOUT The Blend

Holy Roly’s natural tobacco substitute is a carefully crafted blend of indigenous plants – grown and harvested in the wild by hand. Our Functional Rolling Mix is made from 100% natural plant material, containing 0% nicotine nor unwanted additives. We are proud to offer it to the world as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

We wanted to craft a blend that not only kept fresh for years without additives but which also provided additional functionality. Thus six indigenous plants were selected, each offering their own, unique phytomedicinal properties. Of these, ‘sceletium tortuosum’ (AKA ‘Kanna’) is perhaps the most well known for its mood-enhancing & anti-anxiety-like effects. Helichrysum (AKA ‘Imphepho’, in Southern Africa) is known, too, for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Read more about the functional botanicals present in our Herbal Rolling Mix.

Many users also report subtle feelings of calmness or ‘grounded-ness’. This is one of the reasons our blend complements cannabis, which may function to counteract some of the negative side-effects of THC-abundant strains which have been stripped of their natural cannabinoid content. There is an empirical basis for these effects, too, indicated in a 2006 study investigating the binding effects on GABA-receptors of traditional Southern African plant extracts. In the mammalian central nervous system, GABA has been identified as a significant neurotransmitter involved in relaxation. The study found that compounds from several leaf extracts including 4 species of Helichrysum (‘Imphepho’) are indeed active at these receptor-sites. 

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