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Greetings, Holy Roly Ambassador

Welcome back! As a reminder, this is where you can track your earnings, create custom affiliate links and access creative content to share online.

Ambassador Dashboard

This is the Ambassadors section of Holy Roly. If you are an existing Ambassador, please log in to access your dashboard.

If you are not an Ambassador, but wish to become one, consider applying for 2020/21.

Tips to help you earn

Like most brands, we want people to discover our products. But we also don’t want to have to shove them in front of everybody! Seek out those who will resonate with Holy Roly and try to engage with them on a personal level. You’re here to help them create novel experiences & to enjoy the functional properties of plants in a way that is safe and respectful. 

By connecting with your followers on a more personal and intentional level, you’ll increase your social influence, earn more money and at the same time be contributing to a positive online ecology.


•  Share with intention, connect with the right people & and watch your influence grow.

We’re here to help you share only the best content with your fans & followers. Nobody like spam, but almost everybody enjoys an well-lit photograph and an intentional aesthetic. We’ll be adding content in the ‘Creatives’ tab below that you can freely share with your followers – helping you to drive sales, grow your followers and earn more commision. 


• Download and share our creative content in the ‘Creatives‘ tab below.

• Have a website or emailer? Copy & paste the custom HTML tag generated for your chosen media content and customers will be linked to our shop with your unique affiliate ID.

When customers click on your custom affiliate link, our website will make a note that you sent them here! That means you’ll earn commission if they purchase anything on our online store up to 7 days after you introduced them to Holy Roly. 


•  Share your custom affiliate link with your followers & you’ll automatically earn commission when they order (up to a week afterwards!)

• Use link shortening services like TinyURL or Bit.ly to shorten your unique ambassador link & use it in your Instagram bio. 

• Want to direct someone to another page on our site? Simply generate a custom link in the ‘Creatives‘ tab.

Have a question, noticed a bug, or want to chat about a new marketing idea? 

We’d be happy to chat! Drop us a mail below and one of our team members will get back to you.


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