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Ambassador Program

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South Africa

Join our 2021 team of Holy Roly Ambassadors and earn commission on sales.

We’re looking for the outliers; the marathon sprinters, the sassy intellects, the psychedelic explorers, the earth warriors and the restless creatives. Most importantly, we’re looking for those who are seeking & actively creating a better world for every human being and wriggly creature who calls Earth their home.

As a South African brand we take pride in our plant-derived products. They are expressions of an ancient, evolutionary process – now reshaped, packaged and delivered to human beings who partake in their functional & experiential qualities. As an ambassador, we hope that you’ll, too, find inspiration and passion journeying into what is a fascinating world of plant-human symbiosis. 

"This program exists because we want to help more customers discover & enjoy sustainable, botanical-based products, and we want to help our Ambassadors afford the things they love, too." - Directors, Holy Roly

Ambassador Earnings

Holy Roly ambassadors earn 20% on every purchase on our online store.

Once accepted, you'll receive a unique URL with your Ambassador ID that you can use to share with potential customers - and earn money every month.

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